Willamette Valley Hemp Seed

Welcome to Willamette Valley Hemp Seed

Oregon Hemp Seed stabilized for greater than 17% CBD and less than 0.3% THC

Fresh hemp seed harvested from Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley farmland.
Carefully cured and offered to high-CBD hemp growers and farmers seeking seed that will produce plants compliant with Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.

Willamette Valley Hemp Seed is a registered Oregon Agricultural Hemp Grower license holder.

Our focus is on producing hemp seed that result in plants high in CBD, yet with no more than 0.3% thc – stabilized to be compliant with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Grower’s licensing guidelines.

Willamette Valley Hemp Seed collaborates with and is a sister site of Oregon Green Seed, and we supply hemp seed to farmers and growers through the Oregon Green Seed network.

News & Updates

hemp seed sale Hemp Seed Sale – 50% Off for 72 Hours - Fall harvest is upon us, and has been for several weeks. Time to celebrate completing the first phase of this year’s harvest – getting all the seeded moms cut and brought in to dry and cure. Lets rejoice with a blowout sale. The sale will be site wide and include not just our Oregon Dept. […]
hemp seed Half Price Sale - Ok folks… I hear you. I received so many emails after the recent sale ended, from people who missed the sale. So… At midnight tonight, 3/28/2019, an encore to the recent Willamette Valley Hemp Seed sale will begin afresh. From 10-seed packs through bulk seed quantities, get 50% off most cultivars in the shop. Sale […]
bags of hemp seed Get Ready for 2019 Garden Season – Big Blowout Seed Sale! - High CBD Hemp Seed Sale – On NOW. Up to 50% Off  on Rare and Elite Genetics. With the 2019 garden season fast approaching,  its a good time to blow out some of our high CBD and medicinal cultivars’ seed stock. Some cultivars in the shop are Not on sale, due to limited quantity.  But […]