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Half Price Sale

hemp seed

Ok folks… I hear you. I received so many emails after the recent sale ended, from people who missed the sale. So…

At midnight tonight, 3/28/2019, an encore to the recent Willamette Valley Hemp Seed sale will begin afresh.

From 10-seed packs through bulk seed quantities, get 50% off most cultivars in the shop.

Sale will run through the weekend.

Seed Shop

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Get Ready for 2019 Garden Season – Big Blowout Seed Sale!

bags of hemp seed

High CBD Hemp Seed Sale – On NOW.

Up to 50% Off  on Rare and Elite Genetics.

With the 2019 garden season fast approaching,  its a good time to blow out some of our high CBD and medicinal cultivars’ seed stock.

Some cultivars in the shop are Not on sale, due to limited quantity.  But you will find plenty products in the shop ON SALE.  And by as much as 50% off regular prices – including our high-cbd OR Dept. of Agriculture compliant hemp seed in bulk quantities.

So go to the shop and check out the sale.  Claim your seed for this year’s grow season and save a bundle of green $.


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High CBD Flowers Available

high cbd flowers

Medicinal, HIGH CBD Cannabis Flowers.

Limited Availability

Willamette Valley Hemp Seed has available quantities of cured, HIGH CBD bud/flowers.
Grown under a valid Oregon Dept. of Agriculture hemp farming license, and harvested this Fall (2018) from our ODA compliant, HIGH CBD no measurable THC seed seed line

Genetics of available flowers:
Medicine Woman,  Silver Bullet

Available in the following quantities:

Minimum purchase — 1/4 lb ($200)
1/2 lb. ($350)
1 pound ($600)

These high-cbd flowers are medicinal, NOT recreational.   CBD is in the double digits, and THC is a fraction of a percent ( 0.3 %), basically not measurable.

And and since this bud is OR Dept. of Agriculture compliant and therefore has no measurable THC, … these flowers may legally be shipped/transported across US state lines.

This very high-cbd bud is appropriate for smoking or vaping, very desireable for extraction, and for making concentrates, edibles, medibles, etc.

Anyone seriously interested should shoot me an email from the contact us page and I will reply back to you with availability and how to order.

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2017 Spring Seed Sale – Willamette Valley Hemp Seed

hemp seed sale

Happy Spring, Peeps!

To celebrate, we’re kicking off a seed sale here at Willamette Valley Hemp Seed – Oregon’s premier HIGH CBD hemp and medicinal cannabis seed provider.

Sale starts at 1AM tomorrow morning (Friday), and ends at 1PM on Monday.

Save a bundle with 35% off our regular prices on seed you just cant get ANYWHERE ELSE. Period.

All seed offered in the online shop here at Willamette Valley Hemp Seed falls into one of two categories:

1. High CBD, no measurable THC ( <0.3% thc) cultivars compliant with the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture hemp grower’s license.

2. HIGH CBD and CBD-rich medicinal marijuana cultivars ( CBD:THC ratio – BEST for serious pain relief )

The sale countdown starts tomorrow (Friday) at 1 am and ends Monday at Midnight.

All seed in the shop will be offered at a great discount, except for a very few cultivars with quite limited availability.

Now’s the time to grab those packs of medicinal seed you’ve had your eye on and save some serious coin.

Oregon Green Seed is also running a timed countdown sale on all their THC/Recreational cultivars concurrently with the sale here at Willamette Valley Hemp Seed. Oregon Green Seed co., BOG Seeds, Kickboot, and Greenpoint gear will be offered at a big discount off regular prices.