Charlotte’s Remedy


Charlotte’s Remedy – Green phyenotype

Genetics: Charlottes Web (aka R4) x Medicine Woman
Analytics: 15-22% CBD; < 0.3%THC
Sex: Regular seed
Type: CBD Rich Potency: 15% great medicinal value,
Flowering: ~63 Days; 1st week October (Outdoor) in PNW
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor

The Making of Charlotte’s Remedy

Charlotte’s Web, also known as the “R4”, was one of the first CBD strains to arrive on the medical marijuana scene to remain under 0.3% THC at the time of harvest and offering an outstandingly high percentage of CBD — averaging around 12 to 15% CBD.

Although the R4 provides great medicinal value, overall growth habits (plant structure, vigor, yield) really didn’t allow a grower to harvest the full potential of a CBD crop, in our opinion.

So, OGS decided to pollinate Charlotte’s Web with Medicine Woman, a vigorous grower and high-yielding hemp cultivar with CBD potentials as high as 25% and THC stabilized to be no more than 0.3%.

Charlotte’s Remedy shows quite vigorous vegetative growth, stronger branching and more of it, and much more explosive structure with tighter internode spacing. This is the improvement we were looking for. And…

Growers can expect quite large yields, particularly outdoors where 90% of plants will attain heights of 9+ feet outdoors. The buds are exceptional for a stabilized hemp — full of resin, very appealing aroma, and loaded with CBD for exceptional medicinal qualities.

Palate – Expect a fresh pine fused with cherry haze and skunk undertones.

Potency – 15%-22% CBD .3% THC (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest – ~9 weeks indoor. end september into 1st week October outdoor in paific nw.

Additional information

Seed Quantities

10, 250, 2500, 5000


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