Cherry Wine V2


Cherry Wine V2

Genetics: Cherry Wine x Cherry Elixir
62-70 day flowering period
CBD: 15-17% THC: 0.3%

Sold in packs of 10, 250, 2500, 5000 + regular seeds

Cherry Wine is a HIGH cbd hemp variety, stabilized over several breeding generations for no measurable THC (0.3% or less).

Original Cherry Wine is a cross of The Wife with the Charlotte’s Web rich Charlotte’s Cherries.

To create Cherry Wine V2,  we pollinated the original Cherry Wine with our Cherry Elixir.  Then we hit the original Cherry Wine with pollen from this outcross producing Cherry Wine V2. 

Technically this can be considered a Cherry Wine BX1.   I’ve chosen to call it Cherry Wine Version 2, to denote the improved shorter flowering time and increased potential for higher cbd percentage.

The unusually high CBD of the old Pre-Soviet Afghani x Skunk  that is part of Cherry Elixir is what helps to shorten the flowering time by a few days to a week, along with pushing CBD percentages higher in some specimens.

Cherry Wine V2 is compliant with the Oregon Department of Agriculture commercial Hemp growers’ licensing program.

Its important to note that with all agricultural hemp, licensed ag growers are advised to begin testing for cannabanoid and cannabidiol ratios about two months before planned harvest date. Based on grower geolocation/climate, actual harvest date may need to be modified from the stated flowering time typical here in Oregon.


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