Cheri’s Gift


Cheri’s Gift

Genetics: Lebanese landrace (cbd/medicinal) x Afghani/Black Domina (cbd/medicinal)
Indica/Sativa: 65/35
Flowering Time: 45-52 days
Outdoors: mid to end Sept (latitude dependent)
Good mold resistance.
Height: 4′ – 7′ (or larger outdoors)

Cheri’s Gift is one of several CBD medicinal projects OGS has been working on.  Currently worked over 3 generations, with parental selections for medicinal/cbd.  This project is still ‘underway’.  But growers will find specimens with 3:1 to 2:1  thc/cbd ratios.

We will be working Cheri’s Gift through another filial generation later this year — this time using a medicinal hemp with no measurable thc and very high cbd as the pollen donor.    Our goal is to be able to offer a ‘ratio’ version with enough thc for good pain relief (Cheri’s Gift), and a high CBD version that still works for pain but has CBD in therapeutic amounts to help with neuroleptic disorders such as seizures and epilepsy.

UPDATE! Continued breeding and selection on this project has produced the following high cbd medicinal cultivars:

Cheri’s Shot – a CBD:THC ratio cultivar with a 1:1 ratio up to 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. VERY good for severe pain, including nerve pain. And with CBD at a level to alleviate or reduce neuroleptic episodes in people with seizure diagnosis.

Obsidian – Obsidian is Cheri’s Shot
worked through another filial generation with parental selection for bud size/density/resin and shorter flowering time. Like Cheri’s Shot, Obsidian produces beautiful plants with gorgeous buds dripping with sticky resin, but with an additional breeding generation of parental selection.

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