Medicine Woman

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Medicine Woman

62-70 day flowering period
CBD: 17-24% THC: 0.3%

Sold in packs of 10, 250, 2500, 5000 + regular seeds

Medicine Woman is a very high cbd variety measuring from 17-24%. Its a HIGH cbd hemp variety that is also very very low in thc — less than 0.3% — making it compliant with the Oregon Department of Agriculture commercial Hemp growers’ licensing program.

Medicine Woman carries the same very HIGH cbd values as the other hemp varieties in OGS’s medicinal hemp line, But Medicine Woman is based on the well-known and cbd rich cultivar called Charlotte’s Web.

In addition to generous infusions of Charlotte’s Web, Medicine Woman also has in its genetics a very high CBD phenotype selected from an old Pre-Soviet Afghani. This helps to also shorten the flowering time by a few days along with pushing CBD percentages higher. The high-CBD pre-soviet Afghani comes from the same Afghani used in our Afghani Black Domina hybrid (thc) and Obsidian (1:1 cbd/thc).

Medicine Woman has a palate of sweet and slightly sour cherry. Like Mountain Magic and Shaman’s Dance, Medicine Woman is another great candidate for profitable agricultural hemp farming, as well as providing a very high-quality, very high-CBD hemp cultivar for medical growers and patients.

Its important to note that with all agricultural hemp, licensed ag growers are advised to begin testing for cannabinoid and cannabidiol ratios about two months before planned harvest date. Actual harvest date may need to be modified to not over-ripen and maintain compliancy.

1 review for Medicine Woman

  1. Joe Veldon

    Plants grew great but got hot very early on. Wet flower 55 days in testing at 21% CBD – 0.5% THC. Extra oil content isn’t worth the bulk weight you give up having to harvest so early. Last time for this one!

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