Genetics: (Santa Marta Columbian Gold/Alcapulco Gold/Punto Rojo) x Cinderella 99/Amnesia Hashplant
Indica/Sativa: 5/95
Flowering: ~ 70 days of 12/12
Outdoors harvest from end Sept to mid October
Height: Some plants will go 9 feet or more outdoors.
Good mold resistance
Very good yield in relation to plant size

Sex Pot is something I've had in the vault for years. Originally from bag seed found in a kilo a friend acquired from a remote area of Mexico in the early 80s. Because that weed had a very special effect on nearly everyone that tried it – producing a wave of creative and sexual energy with heightened sensual awareness — a breeding project was undertaken to preserve it in seed form.

I've always considered SexPot a HIGHLY MEDICAL variety. Why? Because it can help people live a fuller, more complete and satisfying life. I absolutely believe that a strong and active sex life is an important component of good physical and mental health in an adult – and that requires a strong and active libido — one that supports the desire and the ability to enjoy a most excellent sex life through all stages of adult life.

As an aside, in regards to some cannabis cultivars having a stimulating effect on the senses and ultimately the libido… Equatorial sativas are known for often having this type of effect, in small doses. Its important to note that although equatorial sativas usually have quite high THC percentages, those from higher altitudes and with measurable THCV and/or moderate THC most often produce this type of creative, stimulating, libido-arousing effect.

Back to SexPot — I pulled these seeds out about ten years ago and worked the genetics over three generations, selecting for shorter flowering time. Goal to finish outdoors here in northern Oregon before the rains.

I pulled SexPot out again this summer, and completed my plan for her by pollinating with Forgetful Cindy

Finally, now that SexPot has a reasonable flowering time, its ready to be planted in gardens around the Pacific Northwest.

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