Sour Bubble CBD


Sour Bubble CBD

Genetics: Sour Bubble (BOG) x Willamette Hush
Indica/Sativa 90/10
Flowering: 60-ish days 12/12
Outdoor: end sept to 12nd week oct
Height: 5 feet, larger outdoors

THC:CBD 1:1 — 2:1

The mother in this highly medicinal cross is BOG's long-time popular Sour Bubble. Bog says himself that his Sour Bubble is the best pain reliever that he and Mrs. Bog have ever encountered. Marijuana or not.

Since THC is such a necessary and important component when seeking pain relief from marijuana, it made excellent sense to take Bog's Sour Bubble with its richness in THC (why its so good for pain) and combine it with one of our very high CBD hemp varieties. The goal here was to keep all the strong pain relieving qualities of the Sour Bubble (along with its short flowering period), but add CBD in equal amounts to counteract the psychoactive effect of the THC while adding more pain relief and medicinal qualities.

Seeds were made outdoors naturally, summer 2017

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.

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