Tree of Life CBD


Tree of Life CBD

A medicinal, high-cbd version of Bodhi’s Tree of Life.

Bodhi’s Tree of Life was made using a special Jack Herer for the mother. After growing out several packs I found that plants with a significant percentage of CBD were occuring at a fairly high rate. I selected several females exhibiting above average CBD percentages and pollinated them with our Oregon Dept. of Agriculture compliant (< 0.3 thc, 17-22% cbd) Charlotte’s Remedy.

Genetics: Tree of Life x Charlotte’s Remedy
indica/sativa: 40/60
Flowering: 60-67 days 12/12
Outdoor: first week Oct.

THC/CBD — 1:1 up to 1:4

Tree of Life CBD has enough THC to be a very good therapeutic relief for chronic pain, headache, nerve pain, and even arthritis. But its rich in CBD, which counteracts all psychoactive effects of the THC without reducing its pain killing value.  In addition, such high CBD can help with neuroleptic disorders yet with enough THC to counteract feeling tired or sleepy as with pure cbd hemp.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.

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