White Widow CBD


White Widow CBD

Genetics: White Widow x Willamette Hush
indica/sativa 50/50
Flowering: 65-67 days 12/12
Outdoor: 1st to 2nd week Oct. northern Oregon

THC:CBD 1:1 – 1:2

White Widow has long been used as an organic antidepressant and for mood stabilization. And its not uncommon for White Widow to produce CBD-rich specimens when started from seed. So it was a no-brainer for Oregon Green Seed to cross our White Widow with our latest stabilized high CBD hemp, Willamette Hush. The result…

White Widow CBD

A highly medicinal cultivar that produces plants resulting in CBD values of 10% up to as high as 15%. THC values have been leveraged down in the range of 5 – <10%, allowing for the medicinal/pain benefit of the THC to shine through, but without the psychoactive effect.

This is an easy cultivar to grow, made even easier with the introduction of Willamette Hush. Yields are bumped up, along with mold resistance and ability to withstand cooler outdoor temps later in flower.

White Widow CBD is a great choice for anyone’s medicine garden. Helps with chronic pain issues, anxiety, ptsd, nerve pain, neuroleptic disorders, and so much more.

Quite resinous, long colas of medium/high density with a sublime earthy aroma provide a great start to quality oils and extractions, sift, and dried flowers.

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